Type2 split and bay 123 ignition with vacuum-advance

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T2 split and bay 123 ignition with vacuum-advance

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The ignition system in our classic Volkswagen can cause many problems.
After years of use the mechanical distributor becomes worn and gives it an ever
greater deviation. If available for your bike, you can replace the complete distributor but there is a
much better alternative:.
123 ignition for both standard and tuned engines the 123 ignition comes in a housing that resembles
the original, but inside you'll no mechanical part anymore.
The outdated mechanical system is replaced by a hi-tech computer-controlled system, this is an optimum ignition system created with maximum performance and virtually maintenance-free mechanical parts such as contact points, centrifugal weights, springs, bearings and the vacuum diagram are replaced by only one part.: the central shaft with rotor. The internal electronics provide the right advance and the optimum contact angle at different speeds, this gives you at any rpm maximum spark. The components used for assembling the ignition time are not subject to wear. once properly adjusted and you do continue to worry. longer for the standard 123 ignition is the correct advance curve set with a small switch behind the screw in the bottom of the housing for your bike (there are 16 different advance curve settings available) and the TUNE version you can set this even more refined and even while driving by using the USB port on your laptop. Especially this last version is very suitable for tuned engines fast road car to race hard work. Each ignition 123 is also provided with a tracking technology which is used in the formula 1, wherein very high speeds can be achieved. Normally only The electronics constantly looks at the amount of energy that is contributed per cylinder, imagine that cylinder is different to the compression of one relative to the other cylinders, the rotation of the flywheel is less evenly so that also the rotation of the camshaft less evenly expires . The 123 ignition detects this and adjusts ignition timing per cylinder, resulting in a smooth running engine that delivers more power and less wear. Those are not the only advantages over the traditional ignition, all the advantages: - automatic quick-start program with cold engine - synchronization improvements as described above - contact angle (dwellhoek) is continuously adjusted and corrected - disables itself after 1 second off at ignition is switched on and engine is not running (ignition coil is then spared) - Fuel saving - works on both 6 and 12 Volt (automatically detected)

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